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Improved Transfer Efficiency for Agricultural Machinery



Simba Great Plains is a world leader in agricultural machinery. They manufacture a wide range of products for the agricultural market including cultivation equipment, seed drills, planters and sprayers.

Their Sleaford manufacturing plant in Lincolnshire, UK was recently looking into increasing their production and improving finishing quality. Simba Great Plains installed a new blast, paint and cure facility tied to a conveyor index system. This enabled them to increase their efficiency and output. To complement this new installation and provide great gains in transfer efficiency, Simba Great Plains wanted to update their paint equipment.


The local Graco distributor, Fluid Technologies Ltd, demonstrated a Graco ProMix™ 2KE meter system to Simba Great Plains. The demonstration showed paint, solvent and time savings made with the ProMix 2KE through ratio assurance and controlled flushing combined.


Simba Great Plains was very pleased with the results and was impressed by the ease of use of the ProMix 2KE. To assist in achieving the high quality finish required by their customers, Simba Great Plains purchased a Graco ProMix 2KE unit. They were able to enjoy benefits such as a high quality finish, ratio assurance, material savings, USB downloads (to keep records of all previous spraying) and increased operator output.


Simba Great Plains

Industry Market Sector
Agricultural machinery

One coat monolayer

Material Specifications

Typical Properties
High corrosion protection, high solid, one coat application, lead free, Iso based, 4:1 mix ratio

Graco Equipment
ProMix 2KE

ProMix 2KE meter version, 2 colour IS, AA Series G40 AA, AA tips 413, fluid regulator, 15 m hoses

Graco Distributor Details
Fluid Technologies Limited,