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Remarkable reliability of Husky™ diaphragm pumps

Graco pumps have proved to be the correct choice.


The Graco distributor Trilack in Gothenburg has sucessfully represented Graco in western Sweden since many years. One of Trilack’s customers is the car plant Pininfarina, situated in Uddevalla, Sweden. Pininfarina manufactures the coupé models of Volvo, the C70 Series. This production includes all the steps of a modern car plant, but we focus here on the painting equipment used. 

In 1999, Graco’s stainless steel Husky™ 1040 double diaphragm pumps were installed in Pininfarina’s paint kitchen as feeding pumps for applying a clear coat. The system contains 6 stainless steel Husky™ 1040 pumps, feeding three painting boxes. For the first 5 years, the six Husky™ diaphragm pumps operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without causing any unplanned stops or other disturbances in production. Even more remarkable: the Husky™ pumps were not even taken apart for service. Their performance was measured on a regular basis and there was no reason to dissasamble any of the pumps.

”The former paint supply solution caused troubles regularly: from bad bearings to broken diaphragms, but that is history now. The design of the Husky™ pump (ensuring it cannot stall) as well as the quality of the pump were the main reasons to choose Graco”, says Michael Johansson, responsible for the design of the paint supply system at the Pininfarina plant. That was 9 years ago, and Graco pumps have proved to be the correct choice.

The reliability of the Graco Husky™ pump has convinced Pininfarina who has now switched to using only Graco products in all their paint feeding systems. When a higher pressure ratio is needed than what the 1:1 Husky™ can deliver, a Graco Triton™ 3:1 pump is tested. The Triton’s smooth and silent run is much appreciated too.

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