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Industrial Paint Contractor uses Graco ProMix™ 2KE in an Airless 2-Component Application



Haapanen OY, a paint contractor company located in Tampere Finland, specializes in industrial surface treatment for steel, aluminum and stainless steel structures. They also provide services, such as blasting, powder and wet painting and fire-protective coatings. Haapanen offers modern services under one roof. High quality work and motivated staff are important resources for them.

In 2011, the Graco distributor located in Tampere, Hartman Järn OY, toured Haapanen’s premises to see their paint operation, processes and spray equipment. In wet paint, finishing applications, Haapanen used three Graco Merkur™ 48:1 pumps and hand-mixed the 2-component paint. They also had one ProMix™ Easy unit, but the unit was not in use at that time. Haapanen wanted to improve the paint quality, simplify their operation and save material cost by using 2-component equipment.

Graco Solution

Several meetings took place between Haapanen OY and Hartman Järn OY to explain the benefits of operating a Graco ProMix 2KE, and to review the return on investment (ROI) with regards to material savings and reducing material waste.

Despite strong competition, a solution was found using Graco equipment consisting of:

  • 2 ProMix 2KE units, pump version
  • 2 Agitators SST complete
  • 2 Husky Membrane pumps (for the transport of paint)
  • 1 Merkur 45:1 pump (for solvents)
  • Training and complete installation.

Hartman Järn OY also supplies paint to Haapanen OY. The 2-component paint, hardener and solvent are supplied in 200 liter drums. The mix-ratio that Haapanen normally use is 4:1, but varies depending on the paint. The Graco ProMix 2KE pump version was selected despite an average change of colours twice a week. For solvents, a Graco Merkur 45:1 was selected to standardize parts for the pump lower and to decrease the number of parts that needed to be stocked. 

Haapanen OY selected Graco equipment from Hartman thanks to material cost savings carried out by reducing waste material, but also thanks to the improvements to paint quality by ensuring a correct and consistent mixture.


Haapanen OY

Industry Market Sector
Paint contractor

A 2-component coating application on steel, aluminum and stainless steel structures with 2-component equipment in an airless spray application.

Material Specifications

Tikkurila Coatings OY: Temacoat primer & Themadur topcoat

Typical Properties
Semi-gloss Polyurethane paint, hardener aliphatic isocyanate

GRACO Distributor Details

Hartman Järn OY

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