Graco Inc.

Cabby Caravan in Kristinehamn, Sweden introduces accelerated adhesives

Applied with PrecisionDose from Graco

Cabby was founded in 1964. The owner today is the Dutch Holding company Tirus Group BV. The company manufactures 34 different models of caravans in an assembly line of 15 stations. 

Cabby Caravan is unique and well-known for its self-supporting wall constructions of sandwich elements. These are secured with a special screw design and with adhesives. Since girders and struts support the chassis, the production time for caravans is shortened considerably. Instead of wooden beams, Cabby now uses polyurethane beams that do not contain water. “This reduces the curing time, which used to be too long”, says Production Engineer Josef Krassnitzer. 

To guarantee the process, Cabby chose Henkel Power & Speed Technology. By using MS-polymer Terostat MS 930 from Henkel Technologies with an accelerator in ratio 50:1, it is possible to speed up the curing and achieve bonding after 45 minutes. The target was to have fool-proof curing after 6 hours and this target has been reached. Cabby also uses Henkel butyl for the top sealing and the whole concept gives Cabby a very cost-effective caravan. 

Graco manufactures the dispensing system, PrecisionDose™, for the accelerated adhesives such as MS-polymer and polyurethane. The adhesive is pumped from a 20 L pail or a 200 L drum to a plural component adhesive gun. The accelerator is supplied from a 310 ml metal cartridge, a 600 ml sausage pack or a 20 L pail. At the gun outlet, the accelerator is injected into the centre of a disposable mixer. When the adhesive is pumped through the gun, the accelerator is proportioned into the mainstream. The processor in the control box monitors the right proportions, the speed and the level of the material left in the different packages. With this new technology, production time has reached an even lower level. 

At present, 1200 caravans and 75 recreation vehicles are produced every year. These numbers keep increasing as mobile outdoor life gains popularity. The outdoor life has high demands for quality, heating and comfort in caravans for round the year usage. That’s why the 85 employees of the company, with a turnover of € 26 million, aim to constantly look for improvement. For example, the top sealing butyl is still supplied in cartridge, but here also, plans are being made to invest in pump systems for larger containers. This will ensure a more user-friendly system and improve security.