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Transparent Resin applied with Graco’s PR70™




CDVI is a creator of electronic access solutions. It’s a French SME with international influence, manufacturer of secure access control and locking solutions since 1985, CDVI Group has taken the lead through innovation and design. CDVI is present on every continent via subsidiaries and commercial centers of production. They deal in 5 sectoral environments: Tertiary, Industrial, Public building (ERP), and Residential and Collective Residential. They manufacture the widest and most comprehensive range of secure access control and locking around brands: Centaur®, Terena®, Digiway®,

Digicode®, Vigik®, Digiprox®, Navy®, Erone®, Firelock®, etc.
CDVI designs and develops solutions based on electronic components that require protection against moisture, a passage of light emitting diodes and a security against the abuse of the system. These are the reasons that justified the use of a translucent resin.


In a desire to improve its production tool, CDVI decided on an investment of a two-component dosing unit. Graco’s PR70™, equipped with single-acting piston pumps, was the ideal solution to meet the needs of CDVI and ensure dispensing of doses ranging from 4 to 15 grams depending on the product (digital codes, badge readers, etc. ...).
The technical approach of Graco’s distributor LCSAS very much succeeded in convincing CDVI who was reassured in their choice of this unit PR70 after the laboratory tests done at LCSAS, and also on site in real production conditions.


With the advantages of Graco’s PR70 below, CDVI reaped a significant benefit to their organization in terms of quality with a finished product without the presence of air bubbles:

  • Two-component system accurate and reliable
  • Programming of different doses (up to 50)
  • Pot-Life alarm (mixer safety)
  • Ease of use and programming
  • MD2 Valve with snuff back for cleaner work
  • USB port for datas reporting

Mr Boullier (Site manager CDVI) commented: “We were immediately reassured by the expertise and technical approach of Mr Masson (LCSAS) and the good results obtained during tests helped guide our final choice to Graco’s PR70, the investment cost of which was competitive. Today, our waste has disappeared and the quality of our products is constant. In addition, to date, no maintenance was required on the mixing valve MD2 which seems very reliable”.



CDVI – France

Electronics: Control access system by badge reader, digicode, etc…

Potting of electronic components

Material reference:
AXSON Translux A260

Material characteristics:
PU2 components

  • Resin: 2000 cps
  • Catalyst: 900 cps
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1/1
  • Pot-Life: 25min at 23°C

Graco Equipment:
Dosing, mixing and dispensing unit PR70


  • Air motor: 3”
  • Pumps sizes: 240/240
  • Reservoirs: 2 x 30L SST
  • Low level sensor
  • Fluid hoses 1/4" – 3M
  • MD2 Valve hand-held, nose 1/1
  • Square static mixer (supplied by LCSAS)
  • Advance display

GRACO Distributor:
ZA Champ Chardon
41250 Mont-Près-Chambond, France
Tél: 332 54 55 38 20
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