Graco Inc.

Electrical Engineering Careers

Electrical Engineers at Graco design and develop hardware and software applications for existing and newly developed products.

“Electrical engineers at Graco are electrical engineers. We aren't hardware engineers or software engineers or system engineers. At Graco you have the opportunity to be any or all of these. You are able to work on embedded hardware, embedded software, web-based software, system design, test systems; you name it. Each and every facet is available to you. Electrical engineers also work closely with mechanical engineers and designers to make sure everything in the complex machine being designed works together. When the design is done, Graco's local manufacturing makes implementation easy. The projects are hands-on and everyone brings new knowledge. I love my job at Graco. There is rarely monotony and I'm excited what each day will bring.”
–Adriana M., Electrical Engineer

Some daily tasks of an electrical engineer include:

  • Perform electrical hardware and software engineering tasks in the development of new products and upgrades to existing products
  • Leader of small new product development projects as required
  • Participate in identification of new product opportunities
  • Direct and perform standard product support activities

Example of Education and Career Path in Electrical Engineering

Adriana M

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