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GEDI Information

GEDIĀ® is the "Graco Extranet Distributor Information" area on our website where distributors have access to up-to-the-minute pricing, product availability, order & shipping status and order placement. Information is accessed by an account number and a confidential password.

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Who is it for?

GEDI is for distributors in Canada and the US and is also open for "export" distributors. It is not intended for Graco distributors in Europe, Japan or Korea. If you are unsure if this new feature is intended for you please contact your local Graco representative or use the contact numbers listed below. 


To access GEDI you will need an account with Graco and a password. Already signed-up? Use the links to the right to login.

What is needed?

GEDI requires Internet Explorer (5.5 or better). You also need to have "Scripting" enabled and "Allow per-session cookies" enabled. These are generally found under the Internet Options menu item - Security tab.

How do I register?

In order to obtain access to the Graco Extranet Distributor Information (GEDI) website, click here to view the access request and terms agreement. You will need to print it on your distributorship letterhead, have it signed by the Distributor owner or president of the Distributor and fax to the number listed or send it as addressed. If would like more information about establishing a GEDI account, please contact Graco customer service:

More Information

US and Canada:
Vehicle Services and Mining Equipment call: 1-800-533-9655
Fluid Handling Equipment for Plant Use call: 1-800-328-0211
Spray Equipment for Professional Contractors call: 1-800-690-2894

For all other International Distributors fax: 1-612-378-3566