Container Unloading Technology


Food Grade Pump Elevators, Drum Unloaders & Bin Evacuation Systems

SaniForce Elevator - Drum Unloader - BES

Proven piston pump technology

Inflatable wiper seal to increase evacuation efficiency to 99%

Covered product and easy to clean systems for hygenic ingredient transfer

Prevent accidents and injury caused by scooping heavy products

Transfer high viscosity ingredients up to 1,000,000 cps

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Piston Pump Technology

SaniForce 2:1 Piston Pump

SaniForce 2:1 FDA Piston Pump

  • Handles up to 50,000 cps
  • Flow rates up to 1.5 (5.7 lpm) at 60 cpm
  • Pumps available in standard and long lengths
SaniForce 6:1 Piston Pump

SaniForce 6:1 FDA Piston Pump

  • Handles up to 100,000 cps
  • Flow rates up to 4 gpm (15 lpm) at 60 cpm
  • Pumps available in stubby, drum and bin lengths
SaniForce 5:1 Piston Pump

SaniForce 5:1 FDA Piston Pump

  • Handles up to 100,000 cps
  • Flow rates up to 14 gpm (53 lpm) at 60 cpm
  • Pumps available in stubby and drum lengths
SaniForce 12:1 Piston Pump

SaniForce 12:1 FDA Piston Pump

  • Handles up to 1,000,000 cps on a drum unloader or bin evacuation system
  • Flow rates up to 8.5 gpm (32 lpm) at 60 cpm

Graco's proven piston pump technology is FDA approved and comes in double ball and priming piston options. The piston pumps can pump materials up to 100,000 cps unaccompanied and up to 1,000,000 cps when used in an unloading system, making them ideal for transfer applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. The systems offered include an elevator option, and drum unloader and bin evacuation options with follower plates and inflatable seals for maximum evacuation efficiency and easy change out of drums and containers. The Graco SaniForce piston pumps offer a low cost of ownership and easy serviceability for minimum downtime.

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Why Graco Container Unloading Systems?

Inflatable Seal

Graco's inflatable wiper seal is available on our drum unloaders and our Bin Evacuation Systems. The seal inflates to conform to the container type and shape, which wipes down the sides of the container cleanly. The inflatable wiper seal also accommodates the unloaders to conical and tapered drums.

Food Safety

The SaniForce line was designed for hygienic and sanitary ingredient transfer, which is notable in several aspects of the pump and system construction. The SaniForce piston pumps are built with sanitary flanges, quick knock down connections and a FDA compliant shroud for the air motor, which makes cleaning, and sanitization a breeze. The drum unloader and bin evacuation systems are also designed to help protect the ingredients from external contamination and bacteria because the follower plate and inflatable seal come in contact with all sides of the bin or drum, keeping the product covered during transfer.

Evacuation Efficiency

Graco's drum unloaders and our Bin Evacuation Systems provide evacuation rates of up to 99%. This is a drastic improvement over other evacuation methods such as dumping or scooping, saving overall production time, reducing potential contamination and increasing worker safety. 

Worker Safety

Repetitious movements and repeated heavy lifting creates a risky environment for work related injuries and accidents. The SaniForce Elevators, Drum Unloaders and Bin Evacuation Systems replace traditional scooping methods to prevent potential employees from potential injury and companies from liability from such types of incidents caused by repeated actions and scooping.