Graco Inc.

Weekly Product Webinars

Starting Monday, July 23, Graco‚Äôs Industrial Products Division will begin conducting weekly product service webinars hosted by Mike Moe. The webinars will begin at 10:00 am CDT every Monday morning and will last approximately 30 minutes. 

The goal of these webinars is to review product service techniques and troubleshooting tips on Graco Finishing products.  The broadcasts will feature live video and audio feeds with the ability for the attendee to use a chat box to submit questions and comments during the session.  If you cannot attend the live webinar, each session will be recorded for you to review at a later time. The link will be made public shortly after each webinar. The following is a list of the first six topics that will be covered.

  • NXT Air Motor - July 23
  • Merkur Air Motor- July 30
  • Merkur  Lowers - August 6
  • Merkur Bellows Lower - August 13
  • Merkur ES Lower - August 20
  • DataTrak - August 27

Check out the upcoming webinar series calendar and mark them on your calendar!

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a tool that Graco is using to communicate information to you. A webinar (short for Web-based Seminar) is a meeting that's transmitted over the Internet.

How do I participate in the Webinar?

All you need is a computer and high-speed Internet access. To access the webinar, just click on the following link or copy and paste it into your address bar on your web browser.  Directly connect to the fastest Internet connection available. Avoid using wireless or dial up; it may cause meeting interruptions.

To access the webinar on the dates listed above, click on the following link to join the training:

Prior to the webinar, please be sure to click on the following link to test your computer. This is a simple application that will check your computer for everything you need to view the webinar. If there is something missing on your computer, the program will automatically update and prepare your computer for the webinar. We recommend that you do not use a speakerphone.