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Graco's Patented Air Assist Containment (AAC) Technology


AAC Air Assist Technology illustration

Control and contain your spray pattern


When you buy a drum of resin or gelcoat, you pay for every drop of material.
Graco can help you put as many of those drops as possible on the mold.

Our exclusive AAC wraps the spray pattern in a containment shield of air. This
prevents atomized droplets from escaping the spray pattern, creating a better
working environment. Droplets that escape and end up on hte floor, wall or
employee's clothing are a waste of money.



AAC creates a pattern where the droplets travel to the mold at very low pressure. The low speed or "particle velocity" creates very little turbulence or disturbance in the material when it is applied to the mold.

Competitive spray guns with higher particle velocity create a great deal of turbulence - or over-atomization - during the application process. Turbulence creates air entrapment, which can result in porosity issues.


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