Improve Profitability with Graco Automation

Complete your automation system with Graco’s plural component proportioners and automatic spray guns. Graco's automated products can increase your company's production, quality, and safety while reducing downtime and overhead costs.

Why Automation?

  • Cost
    Reduce material consumption, VOC’s and waste disposal
  • Quality
    Graco offers unmatched accuracy and repeatability, which reduces scrap and rework
  • Delivery
    Minimize downtime and bottlenecks with better, more reliable equipment
  • Safety
    Remove employees from dangerous conditions and repetitive tasks
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Products that Easily Integrate into Your Automation System

Once you've decided to automate, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. That's when you need people and products that you can rely on from the beginning. Dedicated people who have the experience and expertise to find solutions for your unique challenges and innovative products you count on to get the job done right. That's when you turn to us.

Plural Component Proportioners

Graco's two-component electronic proportioning systems provide precise fluid mixing and flow control for a wide range of solventborne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials.

ProMix 2KS

Advanced Electronic Mixing

Advanced Meter-Based Dosing System provides increased efficiency. Use up to 30 colors and 4 catalysts.

ProMix PD2K

Expert Electronic Mixing

Expert Positive Displacement Dosing System mixes material closer to the gun, allowing you to use less paint, spend less on disposal costs and change colors faster.

Automatic Spray Guns

Choose from our line of airless, air spray, air-assist or electrostatic automatic spray guns which give you a higher quality finish with our superior atomization and transfer efficiency.

Pro Xpc Auto

Electrostatic Air Spray Gun

Lightweight gun for robots and fixtures with lower payloads with low voltage cable

Pro Xp Auto

Electrostatic Air Spray Gun

Simple turbine-powered gun is easy to use and ideal for low pressure, high quality spraying

AirPro Auto

Air Spray Gun

Low pressure, versatile and works well for largest number of applications

G40 Auto

Air-Assisted Spray Gun

High pressure, high transfer efficiency with tighter pattern widths and greater accuracy

AirPro EFX Auto

Air Spray Gun

Compact, lightweight and designed for small component precision finishing

AL Auto

Airless Spray Gun

High pressure for high viscosity materials, and higher production speeds for general metal finishing applications

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  • Precision Fluid Control
  • Total Control of Paint Variables
  • Less Waste & Faster Color Changes
  • Exceptional Transfer Efficiency & Atomization

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