Graco Inc.

Technology Delivers Fuel Savings

Fast material heating gets you up and running quicker

With just one pass through the heat exchanger, materials can be heated to a Delta T (change in
temperature) of 100°F (65°C).

That's 25% greater than a standard Reactor model. Because of this better Delta T performance,
you don't have to wait as long for materials to pre-heat.

Innovative design re-purposes wasted heat and saves energy

Graco's patent-pending dual coolant loop design ensures that the A an B materials are isolated from
the engine coolant. This unique design also provides constant, steady temperature control for superior
heating performance.


1. Engine coolant loop

Engine coolant goes through heat exchanger 1 and transfers the heat from the engine to the coolant in the secondary loop. Graco's controls turn the radiator fan on when additional cooling is required.

2. Secondary coolant loop

Coolant in the secondary loop continually circulates when valve C is open, maintaining a consistent temperature. When material heating is required, valve C closes and valves A and B open. This allows the coolant in the secondary loop to go through heat exchangers 2 and 3, thereby transferring the heat to the A and B materials.