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InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Delivery System

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With its adhesive-saving design and melt-on-demand technology, the InvisiPac system can help you achieve efficiencies like never before.

InvisiPac Advantages

  • No tank char
  • No nozzle plugging
  • Fast, 10-minute startup
  • Significant savings in adhesive costs!

What savings are possible in YOUR packaging operation?

Use our ROI Calculator and find out!

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Major brands across the country are seeing significant savings in adhesive costs almost immediately after installing the InvisiPac system. No wonder so many are switching from their old wasteful and inefficient tank systems!

We're so confident the InvisiPac system will improve your bottom line, we'll let you try it  FREE FOR 90 DAYS. If in that period of time we don't prove that you'll see savings with the InvisiPac system, we'll move it out! This offer expires soon, so don't delay.

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With InvisiPac, char-free = trouble-free operation

Char can create all kinds of havoc on your line. What if you could get rid
of char and its nasty side effects?

  • No more char-filled hoses
  • No more tank scraping
  • No more nozzle plugging
  • No more daily maintenance due to char

Just imagine the time and money you'd save.



With InvisiPac, no char = no nozzle plugging

Discover a new era in hassle-free operation. With its innovative
free-flow manifold design and integrated applicator filtering –
together with the InvisiPac System – you can virtually eliminate
nozzle plugs. You'll finally have a hot melt system that runs
reliably, unnoticed and invisible.



With InvisiPac, quick start-up times = more productivity

  • What if you didn't have to wait for your hot melt tanks to heat up?
  • How much would you save with a 10-MINUTE STARTUP? 



With InvisiPac, less char allows use of lower cost
adhesives = $$$ savings

  • Tank-Free design means adhesive spends less time at high
  • This significantly reduces char and material degradation
  • You get great performance, even from low-cost adhesives

What if you could use lower cost adhesives?
How much money could you save?

Use the ROI calculator below to estimate savings for your operation.



With InvisiPac, you can keep track of material usage and other
production events

  • Intuitive user interface – easy to learn, easy to use
  • Icon-based graphics make operation simple
  • Tracks adhesive consumption
  • USB downloadable operating data, errors and event history
  • Single screen view of all heat zone temperatures


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Watch the InvisiPac system keep going even when the competition's nozzles plug.


How fast is melt-on-demand technology? See for yourself.

If you are an OEM and are interested in using InvisiPac on your packaging equipment, or if you'd like information on becoming an InvisiPac distributor, please call 800-458-2133 or email for more information.