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The InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Adhesive Delivery System

Take control of your case and carton sealing costs  



"In the first 30 days, we've had zero errors and gone from using 30 pounds of adhesive to 9." 

     -- Plant Manager, Worldwide Meat Producer




How much glue does it take to seal each case on your packaging line?

Knowing is the first step to saving.

Let the revolutionary InvisiPac® Tank-Free™ System help you:

  • Save money - without stitching or changing your pattern
  • Improve performance & reliability - and increase production throughput
  • Know more and be smarter - about managing your equipment, costs and productivity

or wasting? Now you'll know.
That's InvisiPac.


Read how a technical college compares its experience with the InvisiPac system to working with a competitive system.

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How is InvisiPac's technology different?

Other hot melt systems use a tank or crock to keep adhesive heated for long periods
of time. That degrades material quality and produces more downtime and plug-forming char. The fluctuating temperature can also change material viscosity and cause inconsistencies in dispensing, forcing you to waste adhesive.

The InvisiPac system has a uniquely designed, melt-on-demand heating surface. The larger surface melts adhesive quickly and dispenses it immediately – when and how you need it.

Moreover, you can use almost any adhesive you choose; control your finances by making your own choices.

Use InvisiPac's Pattern Controller and you can save even more! And with LineSite, you can monitor your operation, even from a distance!


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InvisiPac Material Tracking identifies your target usage and alerts you when it's trending out of tolerance +/- 20%.

Recovering those wasted grams can add up to BIG SAVINGS.

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Save even more with the InvisiPac Pattern Controller

Use the easy set-up and pattern preview to switch from solid beads to material-saving stitiches. The highly accurate controller will put the right amount of adhesive exactly where you want it--every time. Download the brochure for more information.



Monitor your productivity remotely--with LineSite.

The InvisiPac LineSite remote monitoring system lets you see line activity via an online smart phone,
tablet or laptop from wherever you are, in real time. Download the LineSite brochure.



Let us provide a free demo at your facility!

Our InvisiPac demo vans are ready to drive to your campus to show you how the system can save you money and increase productivity. To schedule a van visit, please fill out the request form.


One manufacturer's story

Craft beer artisans Two Roads Brewery installed the InvisiPac system at their facility. Read about their experience.

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How much can YOU save? Try our ROI calculator.



Watch the InvisiPac system keep going even when the competition's nozzles plug.


How fast is melt-on-demand technology? See for yourself.

If you are an OEM and are interested in using InvisiPac on your packaging equipment, or if you'd like information on becoming an InvisiPac distributor, please call 800-458-2133 or email for more information.