Graco Inc.

September 25, 2012

Graco is pleased to announce the launch of the new SD SeriesTM Cord and Light Reels. These reels are the newest addition to our SD family, and are the perfect complement to our SD hose reel offering. Take the hassle out of having to deal with twisted and tangled cords and turn to Graco for a single, trouble free solution.

The reliable reel is loaded with features and sets a new standard in the market for appearance and performance

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to fit into our current SD reel enclosures so you can now offer your customers a complete reel bank solution from one source.
  • Features a strong spring that has the capacity to take on more load than the competition and is easy to pull down and retract so you don’t have to fight to get it to operate.
  • Contains heavy duty cords that meet Graco’s high quality standards to ensure the cords won’t stretch out and break when you need it to perform. Models are available in 35, 50, and 95 foot lengths.
  • Introduces a unique and innovative electrical design that allows us to provide a narrower reel and promotes durability to last longer than traditional models. This compact and slim design fits into tight spaces giving you an increased number of installation options.
  • Includes multiple accessory configurations so you get exactly the right fit for your task at hand. Offering includes single industrial receptacle, Fluorescent or LED lights, and a dual GFCI.

Place your order today, and take this opportunity to introduce your customers to the value and performance of our new reel.

Click Here to learn more about the SD Series Cord and Light Reel.

If you need more information regarding this exciting new product, please contact your Graco Sales Representative or Customer Services.