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See you in Houston at Bring on the Heat 2014!


Visit our booth at the 2014 NACE conference June 17-19 and learn how Graco's XM PFP can Xtinguish all doubt that you're on ratio with intumescent fireproofing coatings!


Epoxy intumescent fireproofing coatings can be a challenge to proportion. If they are not mixed and applied properly, they can create costly and time-consuming problems.

Join us at the NACE show on Demo Day, June 18. Let us show you how the Graco XM PFP can save you from making costly mistakes.

Watch the following video and see the XM PFP help to build the tallest skyscraper in Mexico City!



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Xtinguish doubt: See three impressive machines in action on June 18!


for Epoxy Fireproofing



Xtreme PFP
for Epoxy Fireproofing



M680 Mortar Pump
for Cementitious Fireproofing


Graco's XM PFP features a technology that enables it to maintain a more consistent, reliable ratio than can traditional mechanically linked proportioners. Visit us and find out how that ability can help you relax and
Xtinguish Doubt!

See the XM PFP spray both epoxy fireproofing and syntactic epoxy insulant.

Learn more about Graco's XM PFP.


For tie-ins, touch-ups and small projects, the Xtreme PFP is easy to use and simple to clean. It is light enough for one person to maneuver and is capable of handling high viscosity fireproofing material.

On June 18, the Xtreme PFP will be spraying epoxy fireproofing at NACE Bring on the Heat.

Learn more about the Xtreme PFP.

The Graco M680 Mortar Pump makes short work of material that normally is hawk troweled: Mortar, cementitious fireproofing and heavily filled material. It's maneuverable in tight spaces and quick to clean using its high-velocity flush.

We will be demonstrating the M680 Mortar Pump using cementitious fireproofing.

Learn more about the M680 Mortar Pump.