Graco Inc.

G-Flex 1500  Flexible Parts Feeding Solution

Flexible parts feeder capable of handling most small to medium sized component parts

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Flexible feeders on factory floor

G-Flex is a unique flexible parts feeding solution Designed, Developed and Manufactured by the REAL End User of the product - Graco.  With its one size fits most applications approach, G-Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility. 

gflex parts feeding solution

Delivers Flexible Feeding Benefits

  • Seamless part change-over without time consuming and costly set-up
  • High tolerance for process contamination (oily parts, chips, etc. are no problem)
  • Easily accommodates a wide range of part sizes and shapes

Stand-Alone, Easy-to-Integrate Package

  • One size fits most applications
  • Minimal interface is required – simply connect power and one PLC input

Great Value

  • Attractively priced as compared to complicated bowl feeders
  • Pre-configured to meet most applications – significantly shorter delivery lead times compared to unique and highly customized bowl feeders
G-Flex Parts Feeder Hopper

Large Capacity Hopper

  • Dispenses parts on-demand from hopper to table
  • Fill your hopper while your line is running – no more production interruptions

Integrated Controls

Integrated Controls

  • Fully adjustable vibration magnitude, giving you control of part movement and speed
  • Active feedback from table to controller automatically adjusts vibration frequency as more or less weight is added to the recirculating table
  • Pin out / password protected access

feeder table

Uniquely Designed Feeder Table

  • Recirculates parts that are not locatable, bringing them back to robot’s field of view
  • Specifically selected carpet geometries keep the widest range of parts in circulation
  • Chamfered corners help prevent part accumulation

G-Flex 1500 Feeder Specifications

Hopper Capacity: 0.9 ft3 (0.25 m3)
Table Size: 15 in W x 24 in L (38.1 cm W x 61.0 cm L)
Maximum Part Size: 3 in W x 3 in L x 1.5 in H (7.6 cm W x 7.6 cm L x 3.8 cm H)
Connections: Power – 120 VAC, PLC Input – M12 Connection

G-Flex 1500 Feeder
Hopper Capacity
0.9 ft³
.025 m³
Table Size
15.5 in. x 24 in.
39.4 cm x 61.0 cm
Maximum Part Size
3 in. x 3 in. x 1.5 in
7.6 cm x 7.6 cm x 3.8 cm
Maximum weight capacity on table
30 lb
13.6 kg
ElectroMagnet Air Gap
.090 inches
Total Unit Weight
620 lb
280 kg
Operating Voltage
Total Operating Current
1.8 amps
1.8 amps
Individual Board Current
0.9 amps
0.9 amps
Individual Board Fuse Rating
5A/250V, Fast-Acting
5A/250V, Fast-Acting