Graco Inc.

L-Style Mixing Head

Offers high-pressure impingement mixing and smooth laminar flow of polyurethane foams

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The L-Style high-pressure mixing head is designed to provide smooth laminar flow and thoroughly mixed material for the most demanding flexible foam and open pour applications.

The L-head has a small horizontal impingement chamber that mixes material while a larger vertical exit chamber reduces flow velocity to minimize splashing in open pour applications.

  • Laminar flow - low exit velocity reduces splatter in open mold or substrate
  • Elastomer seals on mix piston eliminates need to "foam" in head to create seal; no crossover on startup
  • Fixed or adjustable orifices
  • Ideal for materials such as rigid or flexible urethanes
  • Self-cleaning
  • Flow rates: 4.6 to 234 lb/min (2 to 106 kg/min)

Carbide option available for applications requiring abrasive fillers

  • Same as L-Style mixing head, but includes carbide inserts on mix piston and orifices for increased mixing head life
  • Designed for filled rigid or flexible urethanes