Keeping You Spraying - The Graco Difference

Paul Meyer

Cell Manufacturing Manager

Contractor Equipment Division

Learn about the key elements that enable Graco to continue to produce the high quality equipment that our customers depend on  

I recall taking a shop class back in the 80’s and our instructor told us there was only one rule that needed to be followed when purchasing tools and equipment, look for the Made In The USA inscribed on them. With this simple rule it was almost a certainty that you were buying the best. If only it were that simple in today’s global economy! The answer today can become much more complicated and it really comes down to philosophy and approach to manufacturing for each brand and often times, each product within a brand. In this article we will address the key elements that enable Graco to continue to produce the high quality equipment that our customers depend on. 

Investment in equipment and infrastructure

Since it’s founding Graco has been rooted in manufacturing it’s own products.  Although Graco has branched out and grown globally both organically and though acquisition; the value of producing our own products persists.  We understand the advantages and leverage this gives us in controlling our quality, cost, design and intellectual property. Staying true to this philosophy, continued investment in the latest machining & assembly technologies has allowed our Contractor Equipment Division continuous growth.  With our own internal automation group and tooling services group we have taken machining and assembly to the highest levels. This enables our work force to be the most productive in the world. Our factory workers work elbow to elbow with their robot counterparts. These robots can accomplish simple tasks like loading and unloading machines all the way up to building a complete pump or a variety of other sub-assemblies and tasks.


Each sprayer runs through an extensive testing sequence, including performance testing, to ensure everything is correct before it’s packaged. In many cases, sprayers are inspected at various checkpoints during their construction by the use of vision systems, weight audits and barcode scans. Periodically sprayers are pulled from stock and ran in simulated real world conditions for many hours to ensure the product remains as tough as it was designed to be. This is somewhat unique when it comes to equipment manufacturing and is a great representation of our commitment to a positive customer experience.

Having the right products and parts in inventory; when it comes to contractor’s and home center customers, we know that when they are ready to get started on that next project they don’t want to have to wait for the necessary equipment. Through our enterprise resource planning software we are able to forecast and stock the products, accessories and service parts in anticipation of the demand. While honing all of our other manufacturing process and systems over the years, we have also built flexibility into our manufacturing systems which helps us react to demands that we cannot anticipate or forecast. Recently Graco has also invested in a new warehouse which features the latest in order picking technology to ensure that there is no time lost in order processing.


Nobody else builds sprayers like we do. That’s why we stand behind every piece of equipment with the industry’s strongest warranty. With time and efficiency on your side, spray with the confidence that you will probably never need to use Graco’s warranty, but if you do…we will be there.

One of the many unique aspects our leading warranty includes is Lifetime Motor Warranty. This ensures that, if the motor fails from normal use, we’ll replace it under warranty for the original owner for the life of the sprayer (Mark IV, Mark V and Mark X 240 Volt). In addition, our Lifetime Drive Train Warranty will replace a failed drive train under normal use for the original owner for the life of the sprayer (Mark IV, Mark V, Mark X 240 Volt, 5900 HD and 7900 HD).  We offer 3-Year Warranty coverage against defects in materials and workmanship on the entire sprayer. If a part needed for a warranty repair is not in stock at your distributor, consider our Downtime Eliminator Program. Get FREE next business day air freight delivery when distributor orders the part by 2p.m. CST.  For your convenience, Graco offers more than 5,500 authorized distributor locations in North America and over 700 locations to administer warranty repair.

I covered some key points which hopefully give some insight as to the effort, investment and commitment that Graco makes to manufacture it’s products. Each of us involved in manufacturing our products is truly grateful for our loyal customers. We are committed and proud of what we accomplish and we take pride in being efficient and productive in our efforts, just like our customers.

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