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Graco’s ToughTek F800e Gets Contractors Back on Track for Major Redevelopment Project


In 2016, a major redevelopment project launched on booming East Washington Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. The $45.5 million mixed-use building, known as the Cosmos, features 104,000 square feet of offices, a 2,300-seat, 35,000-squarefoot performing arts venue at the corner of East Washington Avenue and Livingston Street, and offers 12,000 square feet of retail space and a 6,000-square-foot culinary center that will face East Main Street.

C.M. Morris Group was contracted to apply fireproofing to the Cosmos structures.

Weather and Location bring Application Challenges

The biggest challenge the C.M. Morris team faced throughout the fireproofing process was the weather and fluctuating temperature. The structural steel within the building must be a specific temperature before applying fireproofing, and typically, the general contractor would heat the floors within the building while the fireproof sprayer followed right behind them. Due to the recent extremely cold winter, the contractor’s timeline for fireproofing and other trades was delayed until spring.

Site location was also a challenge, as the high-rise building in downtown Madison didn’t have a lot of room around the building for storing a large, tow-behind pump. Large fireproofing machines typically sit outside of a job site due to their size and the fact that they give off harmful exhaust fumes. In addition, when a pump sits outside in below freezing temperatures, the crew must winterize the pump every day for it to function properly, causing expensive downtime for the fireproofing contractor.


Video: C.M. Morris Group is finding success with the ToughTek F800e


"With the terribly cold temperatures this past winter, we needed to find ways to make up for lost time without sacrificing the quality of the project,” said Lee Campbell, safety director and senior project manager, C.M. Morris Group. “We decided to bring in Graco’s F800e because its compact size is easy to transport on the site and eliminates the often time-consuming need to go through the winterizing process."

C.M. Morris Group chose Graco’s new ToughTek F800e® piston pump for the Cosmos redevelopment project due to its portability and compact size, which makes it easy to transport through a standard door. The ToughTek F800e can remain inside, heated and winterized throughout the project, saving time and money caused by the typical winterizing process.

The company was also drawn to the F800e due to the fact that it is an electric piston pump, which allows them to bring it inside, plug it in to any standard 220V, 30 Amp outlet and run.

Additionally, the team was pleased with the F800e because it is easy to clean and is low maintenance compared to other pumps on the market. The F800e offers low maintenance thanks to its stainless steel construction and engineered seal design that typically lasts for six months to a year.


Pound for pound, Graco’s F800e is beating the competition in production, size and weight. Typical mid-tier pumps on the market can spray a maximum of 140 bags a day (based on an 8-hour spray day at roughly 20 bags per hour) with pump in and pump out. The F800e has been spraying upwards of 200 bags in that same work day (or 35-40 bags per hour) depending on the sprayer used.

The C.M. Morris team has been able to get the fireproofing done quicker and more efficiently with the F800e, saving time and money and allowing other trades contracted for the Cosmos project to complete their work in a timely manner. “We haven’t found the limits on what the F800e can do,” stated Mr. Campbell.


End-User: C.M. Morris Group

Industry Market Sector: Commercial Construction

Application: Fireproofing

Material Specifications: GCP Technologies MONOKOTE MK-10 HB

Graco Equipment: ToughTek F800e

ToughTek F800e Fireproofing Pump outside a high rise
ToughTek F800e next to a pallet of fireproofing material

Due to its portability and compact size the ToughTek F800e can remain inside, heated and winterized throughout the project

Spraying Fireproofing in a building

Pound for pound, Graco’s F800e is beating the competition in production, size and weight.