Graco Inc.

Integrated Reactor gets business up and running quickly


After a devastating warehouse fire destroyed five mobile spray rigs and a total of nine proportioners, EcoLogic Energy Solutions, LLC, a prominent SPF contracting company located in Westport, CT, was forced to rethink replacing their lost equipment which was made up of traditional dual proportioner spray rigs. 

Since the fire destroyed all of their proportioners, they needed an equipment option that could help save their business. Waiting four to five weeks for a typical spray rig build was not an option; they needed a solution to get their business up and running quickly. 


Prior to the fire, EcoLogic owned one Integrated Reactor and understood the benefits of the integrated package combining an electric Reactor, diesel generator, and air compressor. Since that new unit was also destroyed in the fire, they realized an integrated solution was the fastest way to get back to spraying. 



Ecologic purchased four Integrated Reactors from three different authorized Graco distributors. Justin Breiner, owner of EcoLogic Energy Solutions LLC, explains, “The integrated Reactor starts paying for itself even before you turn it on with labor savings during installation and the ability to be making money with the new equipment within days rather than weeks.” Each system was installed on a box truck in less than eight hours. In less than a week after the fire, EcoLogic ordered, received, installed, and was out spraying foam again with their four new integrated Reactors. 

In addition to getting their business up and running quickly, EcoLogic is realizing another major benefit to the Integrated Reactor, the fuel cost savings associated with an integrated system. “I don’t know why anyone would ever buy a standard proportioner again,” Breiner states. “I am seeing fuel savings of over $10,000 a year, per machine, based on my past proportioner experience. Everything about this machine is ‘as advertised’.” 

EcoLogic is also pleased with many other of the benefits that the integrated Reactor provides: ease of training with the new controls, reduced pulsation, even better than hydraulic proportioners, better foam quality due to improved heat performance, and higher productivity with no down time associated with electricity or controls. “EcoLogic works with many of the most respected builders and architects in the country,” Breiner says. “Our customers are uncompromising and use us because they want the best product possible. The integrated Reactor keeps us on the cutting edge and allows us to deliver unsurpassed quality with efficiency, controls, safeguards, and historical data recording. Graco’s integrated Reactors were what we needed to both save our business and build a better business!”