Graco Inc.

Motorcycle & Agricultural Parts Manufacturer Reduces Downtime and Improves Process Control

Product: Intelligent Paint Kitchen



Motorcycle & Agricultural Equipment Parts Manufacturer 


E-Flo DC, Electric Agitator Control, Supervisor & Remote Monitor Touch Screen 


The parts manufacturer wanted to be more efficient and improve process control. They needed to remotely monitor and control the paint kitchen. More specifically, they wanted to be able to monitor fluid flow, pressure readings, supply tank levels, day tank levels and agitator speeds. 


They installed E-Flo DC pumps, electric agitator control and other system equipment, along with the Supervisor and Remote Monitor Touch Screen. 


Paint line manager is now able to monitor key data on the touch screen away from the paint room. This allows for diagnosis of the problem without having to go back to the paint room. Benefits include reduced downtime on the production line, as well as overall reduced maintenance time. It also improves process control with all information available in one location. Plus, the new electric agitators significantly reduce noise levels in the paint room.