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Graco Products: Intelligent Paint Kitchen, ProDispense and ProMix 3KS

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GRACO EQUIPMENT: Intelligent Paint Kitchen, ProDispense and ProMix 3KS


An existing customer needed to install a new paint line. On a previous paint line, they struggled to manage their paint kitchen. Drums were consistently run empty causing pumps to experience runaway. Some of the operators would adjust pump pressures/agitator speed, which led to finish quality issues. They would hand mix small batches and special colors, which generated a lot of waste and quality issues due to off-ratio material. Plus they were rebuilding their Kremlin pumps after 1 month of use.


IPK was an ideal solution because it’s able to deliver smooth pressure and flow rates to the paint circulation system using energy efficient electric piston pumps. They installed four E-Flo DC advanced with 1000 cc sealed 4-ball lowers, pressure transducers, and pneumatic BPR. Plus a ProDispense to manage 7 different materials and four ProMix 3KS’s to mix 3K water reducible CARC.


Since installing the IPK, the customer has not had any issues with pump runaway. Production profiles were setup to program flow rate, pressure, and back pressure. Off production profiles were programmed to reduce paint degradation and wear on the pump. Agitator speed and pump pressures have remained on target, greatly reducing finish quality issues. The customer completed a 5-month trial with the sealed 4-ball, experiencing no failures or downtime unlike their Kremlin Flowmax pumps.

The ProDispense is performing well and is used to dispense 2K epoxy, 3K carc, and solvent. They have not had any issues with off-ratio batches, and have seen a decrease in wasted material.

The ProMix 3KS’s can easily handle the 3K water reducible CARC material. The customer was able to reduce labor related to hand mixing paint. The units ensure that the paint is mixed at the correct ratio, helping to eliminate potential rework due to off-ratio batches.