Graco Inc.

After Challenging Start, Great Partnership is Developed

Graco Product: ProMix 2KE Acid Catalyst Proportioners

Wood Furniture Company

GRACO EQUIPMENT: ProMix 2KE Acid Catalyst Proportioners


The manufacturer was using dedicated technicians to hand mix and provide material to 18 spray booths. The acid based catalyst they were using was very aggressive, and they wanted to get away from the handling the material, while improving their process and consistency.


They decided to purchase six ProMix units. The initial units were installed with the "old" acid catalyst solution and various components started to fail. The customer was unhappy and wanted to return the units. During this time they had another line installed with Kremlin competitive units, which did not have issues.

Graco Engineering got involved and updated the ProMix meters, fittings and feed pumps, testing everything. The customer was involved in every step and took more ownership of the equipment during this time. Their maintenance team spent time with Graco, learning about calibration, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.


All six ProMix units have been running great since the updates. Waste levels have dramatically decreased, material consistency is better than ever and no other issues have been reported. They have purchased seven more ProMix units for production and are working on new opportunities with Graco.


Graco has developed a great partnership with this manufacturer as a result of this application. It is a great example of how working directly with the customer, including them in the process and inviting them to know more about Graco can improve the situation. Our management team had a complete tour of their facility. In return, they came to Graco’s facility. Learning about our manufacturing practices, plus tips for hiring and retaining employees in the factory.