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SaniForce 2 to 1 Demo Program

Why Buy a Saniforce 2:1 Piston Pump?

  1. Powerful 
    It's one of the most powerful piston pumps on the market for its size. Check out our video of the SaniForce 2:1 pumping chilled corn syrup at 70,000+ cps. Or copy in to your browser.

  2. Lightweight and Portable 
    The standard pump length only weighs 24 pounds! Making it easy to move in and out of drums.

  3. Easy to Clean 
    No threaded connections in the wetted section. Extremely easy to disassemble for cleaning and no electrical connections to worry about. 

  4. Cost Effective 
    Not only is this pump powerful, it comes at a very attractive price point with a low overall cost of ownership when compared to electric-driven pumps.

  5. Connect to Air and Go
    Simple to use - connect your air and your outlet hose and go!

  6. Easy to Install
    Each 2:1 pump comes standard with a FDA-compliant bung adapter for easy mounting through a bung hole. Is your customer using an open drum? No problem. Just rest the pump against the side of the drum. 

  7. Wash Down Safe
    Air motor sealed with FDA-compliant wash down safe shroud.

  8. Pump out of Numerous Container Shapes and Sizes
    Graco’s SaniForce 2:1 piston pump comes in two different lengths, standard and long, to accommodate numerous drums and bins.
  9. Move your Materials Further with Extra Pressure
    Up to 2.5 gpm fluid flow at a 100 cpm. 

  10. Ideal for a Variety of Applications
    • Liquor Production and Distilleries: Light to medium viscosity fruit purees, flavorings and syrups

    • Ice Cream and Yogurt Facilities: Light caramel, chocolate sauce, honey and fruit puree

    • Bakeries: Canola oil, corn syrup, light molasses, icing and light fruit fillings

    • Personal Care Facilities: Hand cream, hand soap, hair gel, shampoo, sunscreen, bath gel, hand sanitizer and facial lotion

SaniForce 2 to 1 Demo Program

For more information and videos, go to the SaniForce 2:1 product page or contact your account manager.