Abrasive Blasters

Graco abrasive blasters are ideal for blasting in areas where dust and containment are concerns. Wet and vapour blasting systems employ a mixture of water, air and abrasive to clean and remove surface contaminants and coatings. This method is ideal for surface preparation and provides a cleaner surface with little to no embedded particles or clinging dust. We provide a range of abrasive blasting equipment ideal for high-quality surface preparation.

EcoQuip 2 Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Less Dust, Less Containment, More Productivity

Better Than Dry Blasting
  • Consumes far less media
  • Eliminates up to 92% of airborne dust
  • Saves on clean up and disposal costs
  • A quick and powerful alternative to dry blasting
  • Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures
  • Works on virtually any surface
  • Won’t damage substrates*
  • Works with all job-appropriate media
  • Effective in rain and high humidity

*When blasting with recommended media at appropriate pressure.

Better than Slurry & Traditional Water-based Blasting

  • Uses far less media
  • Uses far less water
  • No toxic wastewater run-off**
  • No large slurry mess to clean up
  • Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures
  • Effective in virtually any application environment

**Assumes blasting without hazardous media or target surface. If hazardous materials are involved, more PPE may be needed and containment or clean up may be required.

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Graco's powerful EcoQuip 2 Vapour Abrasive blasters are not only easy to use, but portable enough to take from one job to another. Blast up to 90 minutes with the EQp or up to two hours with an EQm.


With Graco's EcoQuip 2 Vapour Abrasive blast equipment, remove everything from paint and coatings to corrosion and residue without the wet, slurry mess you get from traditional wet abrasive blasters.

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