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UniXact Benchtop Jetting System 

High-Performance Modular Jetting System

Precise Performance in a Compact Package

UniXact Series B tabletop dispensing systems provide the performance and capability needed for precise product assembly. All the advanced process control needed for repeatable and high-quality jetting are included in these compact systems.

Industry Leading Jet Valve Configurations

  • Non-contact diaphragm jet technology
  • Superior accuray in deposit consistency, repeatability, and placement
  • Speed - Continuous jetting up to 300Hz with no additional cooling units required

Easy to Use Software

  • Simple setup and programming with intuitive DispensePro™ software

Jet Priming and Cleaning

  • A programmable jet priming routine that ensures all air is removed from the jet chamber, resulting in reliable priming of of both low and high viscosity fluids
  • Automatic cleaning of the jet nozzle, using a vacuum to remove debris or accumulated material on and around the nozzle tip

Part Locating Feature

  • Fiducial marks can be taught so the dispense leads in the correct position every time
  • Automatic pixel calibration provides vision system accuracy

Fully Programmable Jetting Parameters

  • Advanced fluid compensation options to accommodate changing fluid characteristics
  • First-drop compensation adjusts refill time to assure consistent size and quality of the first drop

Repeatable Dispense Gap

  • Improve quality and accuracy of deposits with a consistent gap between the jetting nozzle tip and the surface of the part
  • Additional tactile sensor sensor accurately locates the Z position of the nozzle tip, allowing a programmable dispensing gap to be maintained


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