Graco Inc.

Marine Maintenance  Vessel cleaning and surface prep

Remove barnacles, biofilm, corrosion and coatings

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Traditional methods of cleaning boat bottoms such as sandblasting, soda blasting, chemical stripping or high pressure methods can damage the gel-coat, create thin inconsistent areas, leaving a profile paint can't adhere to. These traditional methods make vessels vulnerable to future damage. In addition, traditional blasting applications used on running gear can damage the metal by causing pitting. In the past, props needed to be removed, grinded and re-calibrated for proper harmonics.


EcoQuip systems prepare surfaces for protective coatings. EcoQuip cleans vessels without damaging the protective
gel-coating over the fiberglass. EcoQuip leaves a perfect 80 grit finish, which Interlux says is the ideal anchor
pattern for paint adhesion. No wet sanding or tenting is necessary. These systems are more time efficient and there
is less cleanup compared to other methods.  EcoQuip systems are able to expose welds for inspection and
maintenance of steel and aluminum hulls.

In just minutes, EcoQuip can remove old varnish, clean and brighten teak to almost an original color, without
damaging the expensive wood.

It even works under water  

EcoQuip can remove and clean running gear with years of growth and barnacle buildup in a matter of minutes,
compared to the hours of grinding needed to accomplish the same job with other systems. EcoQuip technology
allows props, rudders and trim tabs to be restored to the original integrity without being removed from the vessel. 

  • Bottom paint – remove anti-foul paint, barrier coatings
  • Running gear – remove paint and barnacles
  • Teak decking – remove varnish, discoloration