Graco Inc.

G-Force II 4040 HC-DD  Professional Pressure Washer

The highest performance available for tough, all-day cleaning and surface preparation

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Ideal for large commercial or industrial contractors, the G-Force II 4040 HC-DD pressure washer is Graco’s top-of-the-line unit, designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. With a premium CAT water pump and a reliable Honda Engine, this pressure washer can easily handle the most demanding all-day cleaning and surface preparation jobs.

Premium CAT Water Pump

  • The most reliable pumps in the industry
  • The most durable, longest-lasting pumps available
  • 2X longer life than other pumps

Honda Engine

  • Reliable, powerful & easy-to-start
  • Oil Alert shuts down engine to prevent damage if oil level drops too low
  • Thermal sensor prevents pump from overheating in bypass mode

External Pressure Unloader

  • Trouble-free, adjustable pressure
  • Ability to match application requirements
  • Keeps water cooler and prolongs pump life

100% Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Frames

  • Up to 40% lighter than steel frames
  • Corrosion resistant to water and chemicals
  • Standard on all Graco models
  • Lifetime Warranty

EZ Start Pressure Relief For Easier Starting

  • Allows water bypass pump to eliminate pressure build-up in the system
  • No need to pull the gun trigger while starting the washer
  • Standard Graco feature

Direct Drive

  • Compact design with fewer components and lighter weight
  • Pump is connected directly to the drive shaft of the engine
  • Pump rpm matches that of the engine (usually around 3500 rpm)