Graco Inc.

3D Gun 

The 3D Gun is a lightweight, high-pressure rotary applicator designed for precision robotic applications.

The Graco 3D Gun is a sealant and adhesive applicator designed with a swiveling head and three individually operated nozzles. These unique features provide increased spray efficiency, flexibility and versatility for most types of single component adhesives and sealants with medium to high viscosities.


  • Increase your productivity
  • Apply single or dual materials with the same unit
  • Easily integrate with robots
  • Versatile and easy to use in confined spaces
  • Eliminates twining hoses
  • Ability to circulate material
  • Dispense material at difficult angles and improve dispense efficiency

Optional Features Include:

  • Mounted material pressure monitor
  • Temperature sensor in the material inlet
  • Insulated central body for improved temperature control
  • Nozzles can be configured to different angles and slot directions

Applications include:

  • Underbody coating (UBC)
  • Underbody Sealing (UBS)
  • Liquid Applied sound deadening (LASD)
  • Seam sealing
3D gun application
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