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Reactor™ Makes Fountain Watertight In Spain

A polyurea application in Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz

Earlier this year, GRACO introduced the Reactor™ foam and polyurea 2-component proportioner and the Fusion™ air purge impingement mix spray gun. These were the first products in a range of products dedicated to fastreacting 2 component material. Now, some months later, over a dozen tests have been conducted to prove this equipment to material suppliers and end-users in different territories. Both the Reactor™ and Fusion™ gun proved themselves during those tests. In this issue of Online, you can see one of the tests done with polyurea material in Spain.

The polyurea application was for a public fountain in the city of Villanueva de la Serena - Badajoz. This fountain had not been used for several years because the fountain was no longer watertight. By treating the fountain, the city wanted to make the fountain operational again. The fountain first needed some pre-treatment. As a preparation, the fountain was first sandblasted and then treated with a mastic layer to fill all uneven parts of the fountain interior. Finally, a 2-component primer was applied so that the final polyurea layer would adhere better to the concrete.

Application conditions

The application conditions that the material manufacturer advised were:
- 1 liter of product used per square meter of sprayed surface
- application temperature 75 degrees Celsius
- product pressure 130 bar

The equipment used for this job was the Reactor™ E-XP2 electric proportioner and Fusion™ air purge gun with flat tip FT0438 and AF 5252 mix chamber. As the Reactor™ was next to the fountain, maximum heated hose length was only 15 meters, plus 3 meters of heated whip hose. The result of this job (in total, a surface of 125 square meters) is a joyfully operating fountain that is protected by a 1,6 mm layer of polyurea. The comments of the contractor on the new equipment were positive. Especially on the mix ratio obtained and the quick and easy start up of the machine. As the mix ratio was essential to get a good result, the off ratio feature (pressure imbalance indication) was appreciated to prevent human errors, clogged filters, mechanical failures, etc).

Thanks to the following organizations and people:
GRACO equipment distributor: Clemco International
Material manufacturer: Inamela
GRACO representative: Cesar Perez Pena