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Better and healthier results for Wim Woudenberg

FinishPro II: two sprayers in one

Wim Woudenberg’s paint company celebrated its tenth anniversary in the summer of 2016. High time to switch to airless spraying thought founder and owner Wim. His first reaction is positive. “After ten years of painting in the traditional way, it was just time to switch to spray painting”, Wim began his story. “To finish projects faster, and also for health reasons.” He chose the FinishProTM 595 PC PRO with roller.

Especially walls and ceilings

Wim uses his FinishPro 595 depending on the space and size of the project: “I use the sprayer mostly for painting walls and ceilings. It’s quicker and I can deliver a smooth finish. And the texture that you obtain is much nicer than if you were to use a manual roller.”

Ergonomic benefit

Wim also made headway ergonomically speaking: “Due to using a manual roller, my arm had been in pain for a while. I even wondered how long I would still be able to carry on. But with the FinishPro 595, those problems are now a thing of the past. The manpower which traditional rollers require is now being taken over by the machine.”

On rare occasions the traditional way

Only for small paint jobs does Wim choose in favour of the traditional roller. “But only if it takes more time to tape everything off, start the unit and clean it than the actual painting,” he concludes.