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Contrapiso Autonivelante  Equipamento para mistura e aplicação de contrapiso autonivelante

Consistência de mistura perfeita e produtividade aumentada em projetos de autonivelamento

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Applying self-leveling underlayment has never been faster or easier

Forget hand mixing bag after bag of self-leveling underlayment in a bucket. Graco offers rotor stator pumps designed to mix, pump and apply pre-blended cementitious materials, like those used in self-leveling flooring and underlayment applications.

Large jobs are no longer daunting, and the days of hauling pallets of bags all over a job site are over. You can setup an entire mix station outside, and pump the mixed self-leveling compound to wherever it's needed. The results are more consistent, and the time savings are huge.

Self-Leveling Underlayment Videos

Watch how Graco's ToughTek MP20 and MP40 mixing pumps are compact and easy to operate.



SLU Industry Brochure

Self-Leveling Underlayment Industry Brochure

Pumping large areas can be a logistics nightmare, especially if you are slowly covering one room at a time. Read this brochure to learn more about how Graco’s mixing pumps can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently so other trades can access the building.

ToughTek Mortar Brochure

ToughTek Product Line Brochure

For product specs and ordering information on the entire ToughTek line of pumps, download this brochure.

SLU Pumping article

Pumping in New Ways to Reduce SLU Scheduling Headaches

With ever-growing pressures to complete buildings on tight schedules, flooring and subflooring contractors often feel pinched from multiple sources. Modern flooring materials such as tiling and the associated adhesives are advancing to dry faster than before, and various construction trades demand access to rooms sooner. Learn how pumping SLU is helping contractors complete work faster and more efficiently.

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ToughTek Pumps for Self-Leveling Underlayment

ToughTek MP20 Mixing Pump - thumbnail

MP20 and MP40 Rotor Stator Pumps – Handles abrasive materials such as epoxy mortars, non-skid coatings and cementitious materials.