Graco Inc.

Express Pump  Replacement Pump

The one-part repair solution eliminating down time.

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Power of One

The ability to quickly change a pump on the job site can be the difference between a productive day spraying and one spent waiting on replacement parts. Thanks to Graco’s one-part solution, swapping out that pump is now fast and easy. No more time wasted or money lost to labor charges on pump repairs—with a spare pump at the ready, you’ll never have a down day.

  • Lasts longer than a repack
  • Stainless Steel Rod
  • 5-Piece V-Max Packings

ProConnect - Long Life Express Pump

  • Change the pump in under 1 minute
  • No tools required
  • For model years 2015 and newer

QuickChange - Long Life Express Pump

  • Change the pump in under 10 minutes
  • Easily remove QuickChange Threaded Pumps using simple tools
  • For model years 2004-2014