Graco Inc.

Manual Fill Pumps  Manually Operated Pumps

Designed for oil and grease dispensing

Quickly fill reservoirs or dispense fluid from bulk containers to point of lubrication. 

Mobile Lubrication Solutions

  • Compact 35lb or 5 gal pail for greater mobility
  • Pumps NLGI #2 and lower viscosities
  • Fluids includes Grease and Oil
  • Dual-action pump delivers grease on both up and down strokes

Dispsense from Bulk Containers

  • 16 and 55 gal metered and non-metered packages
  • 5 gal pail dispensing packages
  • 35lb and 120lb bulk container dispense packages
  • All pumps come with suction tube and bung adapter
  • Fluids include ATF, Oil, Grease, Gear Lube