Graco Inc.

Graco's ProMix PD2K Reduces Waste and Improves Quality for Furniture Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Furniture
APPLICATION: 2-Component Material


A leader in the contract furniture industry uses a 2-component sheen of polyurethane and high levels of dibutyl 10. This material has an extremely short pot life of about 15 minutes, with the material chemistry changing within 6-7 minutes of its pot life, causing inconsistent sprays. With their traditional proportioning system, the ProMix 2KE and 2KS, they were generating a lot of waste from these sensitive materials, and were also frustrated by gloss inconsistencies. As a company that prides itself for being sensitive to environmental issues and producing high quality products, this manufacturer found the current situation unacceptable and searched for alternative solutions.


The manufacturer started by visiting Graco’s headquarters in Minneapolis to evaluate the ProMix PD2K low-pressure unit. They were pleased with the product and optimistic that it could benefit their company with significant waste reduction. They also searched additional companies for similar product offerings but could not find any that would save material like the PD2K, which limits the amount of flushed material by moving the mix point closer to the operator. The high quality design of the ProMix PD2K saves 80% of mixed materials when compared to the previous 2K units, and it provides a more consistent finish even with difficult materials.


Previously, this manufacturer disposed of material and solvent waste every night, but now they only require disposal once a week. This improvement makes them feel better about their carbon footprint and saves money with less wasted materials. In addition to waste reduction, they noticed several other improvements. The ProMix PD2K improved quality by providing fresh material for a very consistent gloss and less recoats. It also improved transfer efficiency with steady pressure and consistent material output from the electric piston pumps. By going to the ProMix PD2K remote mix block from the ProMix 2KS mix manifold, they were able to cut maintenance needs in half. This reduced maintenance to once every two to three months versus the one to two times per week, which effectively reduced labor costs and downtime. Lastly, the quick flush times on the PD2K gave operators more time for prep work. Overall, the PD2K was the effective solution for waste reduction, improved quality, and smoother processes all around.