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Electronic Proportioners Reduces Waste and Maintenance while Improving Consistency

Product: ProMix 2KS and ProMix 2KE

ProMix Proportioners



Large manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment 


ProMix 2KS and ProMix 2KE 


A large manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment, used to clean, deburr, shot peen, or remove coatings from surfaces, made a company wide mandate to upgrade the finishing material used on their equipment from a 1K primer to a tougher 2K-epoxy primer.

Over time they have gained a reputation for high quality and durability of their product line. In the past, they utilized Graco Triton pumps, pressure pots and AirPro guns to spray, but with an upgrade in material came a need to upgrade the finishing equipment as well. 

The company runs a high volume line, easily using 50 gallons a week, and were aware of the problems with waste and consistency associated with hand mixing. So they knew a mix-on-demand system would be best suited for their situation and they began comparing product offerings on the market. 


After meeting with their local Graco distributor, Fluid Air Products, and comparing competitor’s offerings, they decided to install two ProMix 2KS systems and one ProMix 2KE. Since they have established themselves as a proven quality brand, they wanted to buy equipment from a company that had similar standards and values. 


As expected, the installation of the three pieces of equipment ran seamless, with very little slowing in production. The waste levels have remained low, and there were no maintenance reports in the first year. This specific instance has proven to be an overall win for the 2KS and the 2KE, but most importantly for the manufacturer.