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FieldLazer 场地标线机已得到世界范围内运动场地维护专业人士的认可,旨在用更少的涂料呈现更鲜明、更持久的运动场标线。 如今,产品系列已经演化成一个完整的产品线,可满足您全方位的场地标线需求。

购买地点小帮手 咨询信息

FieldLazer field marking machines have been recognized worldwide by sports turf maintenance professionals for delivering brighter, longer-lasting lines with less paint. Graco offers an assortment of marking and striping equipment designed for your specific needs:

  • All-in-one stand-on self-propelled marking machines
  • Walk-behind models with ride-on attachment
  • Complete all-in-one airless field markers
  • Dedicated walk-behind field marking and parking lot stripers
  • High pressure battery powered marking machines

All equipment delivers razor sharp lines, coats both sides of the grass blades, and uses Graco’s high-pressure airless paint spray technology.