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SaniForce 1590 3A 高级卫生泵 

1.5英寸卫生级气动双隔膜泵最大流量达 90 加仑/分钟(341 升/分钟)。 经过 3A 认证,专用于卫生要求严格的乳品加工行业。


1590 3A 卫生级泵安装在落地支架上并配有检漏仪,可通过360度旋转彻底排出残留物料。1590 3A卫生级泵专用于卫生要求极高的乳品加工业。

Available in CE1935/2004 - check manual for configuration

SaniForce High Sanitation Pump, 45 degree tilt
  • 最大流量为 90 加仑/分钟(341 升/分钟)
  • 泵体可360度旋转便于排出残留物料
  • 经过 3A 认证,适用于乳品加工业
  • 配备免润滑、无死点运行的空气阀
  • 应用于从各种容器中输送流体至分装线,物料粘度最高可达15000厘泊
  • 适用的物料包括可流动的酸奶油、酸奶及低粘度奶酪
SaniForce HS 3A Leak Detector


  • 电子检漏仪为3A泵的标准配置
  • 可及时检测出因膜片破裂导致的物料泄漏
  • 内置的警报器会发声,并发出外部指令停止泵的运行
  • 同时使用光学和导电传感器以确保监测的可靠性
  • 使用 24 伏或 110/220 伏电源

3150 3A Diaphragm

EPDM 一体式膜片

  • 获得3A认证
  • 光滑平坦的膜片表面已于清洁,无凹陷区域
  • 没有暴露的膜片压板可避免污染物聚集

SaniForce 1590 HS and 1590 3A Diaphragm Pumps
Maximum fluid working pressure
120 psi
8 bar, 0.8 MPa
Air pressure operating range
20–120 psi
1.4–8 bar, 0.14–0.8 MPa
Maximum air consumption
125 scfm
3.5 m³/minute
Air consumption at 70 psi, 60 gpm
50 scfm
1.4 m³/minute
Maximum free-flow delivery
100 gpm
378 lpm
Maximum pump speed
200 cpm
200 cpm
Gallons/liters per cycle*
0.5 g
2.0 l
Maximum suction lift (varies widely based on ball/seat selection and wear, operating speed, material properties, and other variables)
28 ft wet, 15 ft dry
8.5 m wet, 4.6 m dry
Maximum size pumpable solids
5/8 in
15.9 mm
Air inlet size
0.5 in npt(f)
0.5 in npt(f)
Noise Data**
Maximum Noise Level at 100 psi (7 bar, 0.7 MPa), full flow
90 dB(A)
90 dB(A)
Sound power level
103 dB(A)
103 dB(A)
Noise level at 70 psi (4.8 bar, 0.48 MPa), 50 cpm
Maximum fluid operating temperature is based on the following maximum diaphragm, ball, and o-ring temperature ratings
3A Approved EPDM
Wetted Parts***
All fluid contact materials are FDA-compliant and meet the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21, Section 177.
Wetted materials on all models
316 stainless steel, 3A Approved EPDM, PTFE
316 stainless steel, 3A Approved EPDM, PTFE
Wetted materials depending on model
3A Approved EPDM, PTFE, Santoprene
3A Approved EPDM, PTFE, Santoprene
CAUTION: Santoprene may be used only with non-fatty, non-oily foods or alcohols up to 15%
Non-wetted external parts
300 series stainless steel, polyester (labels), LDPE foam (gasket)
300 series stainless steel, polyester (labels), LDPE foam (gasket)
All Models
97 lb
44 kg
Santoprene® is a registered trademark of the Monsanto Co. Loctite® is a registered trademark of the Loctite Corporation. * Displacement per cycle may vary based on suction condition, discharge head, air pressure, and fluid type. ** Noise levels measured with the pump mounted to a solid surface. Sound power measured per ISO Standard 9614–1. *** The pump user must verify that the construction materials meet their specific application requirements.