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Discover the new meter, mix and dispense system – EFR

The 2K system that brings accuracy, versatility and ease-of-use

Graco announces a new meter, mix and dispense system for two-component sealant and adhesive delivery: EFR – Electric Fixed Ratio.

The EFR has a powerful electrical driven motor for a direct and high precision control with limited maintenance. Its MD2 applicator with snuff back can be used for robotic and manual applications, available in 1:1 version and wide ratio.

Moreover, the package includes a new series of z-pumps in various sizes to achieve numerous ratios including z-pumps for very high abrasive materials.



  • Shot sizes from 0,3 cc are possible
  • Consistent ratio
  • Precise flow rate from start to finish
  • No pulsation during pump changeovers


  • Compatibility with a wide range of materials
  • Suitable for low and high flow applications


  • Simplified product configurator
  • Low maintenance needs