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Subbética de Maquinaria succesfully introduces the new AA-series

The first new AA-series G15 and G40

Subbética de Maquinaria, a wood market specialist in Lucena (Cordoba) mainly operating in the South of Spain, was selected to be one of Graco’s European distributors field-testing the first new AA-series G15 and G40.

Cordoba is a small area with a high concentration of wood working activities and there’s a strong presence of major spray equipment competitors and local manufactures, operating in a very price competitive market.

In this challenging environment, the AA-series were tested with more than 15 selected end-users, using Graco’s existing Alpha (Plus) guns as well as major competitive equipment.

The selected end-users were absolutely surprised with the spray quality of the AA-series. The newly designed air cap and new AAM spray tips, have greatly improved the pattern consistency. The lower atomisation pressure has significantly reduced the particle speed, resulting in higher transfer efficiency.

Compared to the Alpha guns, using the same tip size, the pattern width of the AA-series has almost doubled and the AA-series offer real pattern adjustment.

The ergonomics and lightweight of the AA-series were immediately perceived as major improvements compared to their existing guns.

Since the introduction of the AA-series almost one year ago, Subbetica has significantly grown sales in Air-Assist spray equipment and, thanks to their strong competence in the wood market, they manage to convince and convert many end-users to use Graco’s AA-series.

For more information contact:
Subbética de Maquinaria,
Tel. : 34 95750901