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Mini-Merkur™ 30:1 Airless



The Graco distributor Industrial Spraying Systems (ISS) from South Africa needed to apply a thick acrylic paint manufactured by Plascon South Africa to a metal surface.
The paint, called Polvin Super Acrylic paint, is superior quality acrylic emulsion paint for interior and exterior use. It has a viscosity of 90 KU at 23°C and delivers over 5 minutes with an Afnor cup.
Graco proposed that tests for this application be carried out with the Mini-Merkur 30:1 Airless. No thinning was added to this thick acrylic paint.


The ISS team were pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Mini-Merkur. Indeed, the pump did a very good job, with a 517 tip at 5 bar. Despite the high viscosity of the fluid, no difficulties were encountered to feed the pump via the standard suction hose.
Of course, due to its small lower pump, changeover was frequent; however, for a small to medium surface, the Mini-Merkur was very suitable.
ISS have been able to fully test the capacity and limitations of the Mini-Merkur. The information generated by these tests has proved to be very useful in developing interest in the unit and informing end-users about the possible applications with the Mini-Merkur.


Industry Market Sector
Metal application

Metal application

Material Specifications
Polvin Super Acrylic
Modified acrylic emulsion.
Solids approx. 57 percent by mass;
39 percent by volume
SG at 23°C 1,41 kg/l
Viscosity at 23°C approx. 90 KU
Flash point >65°C

Typical Properties
Good interior and exterior durability
Low odour
Easy to clean, good scrubability
Superior obliteration
Excellent spreadability.

GRACO Equipment
Mini-Merkur 30:1, Airless, stand, CS

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