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AirPro™ automatic guns used to identify pallets worldwide



The company CHEP is a worldwide leader in pallet and containers. CHEP issues, collects, conditions and reissues more than 300 million pallets and containers from a global network of service centres.
Once the pallets are painted, they have to be marked with a white paint in order to identify them. This operation was originally done manually with one or two operators and with a low pressure air spray gun.


The solution found was to replace their manual system by an automatic system. Graco products were selected thanks to their performance and efficiency. The AirPro automatic guns were evaluated and tested by the Graco distributor Industrial Spraying Systems and were finally selected by CHEP.


CHEP found the following features of the AirPro automatic guns beneficial for their facility:

  • Time savings
  • Really accurate, especially with the adjustable manifold
  • Less overspray
  • Reliable guns


End User:

Industry Market Sector:
Wood industry, pallet & container manufacturing

Application on wood pallets

Material Specifications:
Solvent white paint 1K

Graco Equipment:
AirPro Automatic, HVLP with fluid control knob

Graco Distributor details:
Industrial Spraying Systems
P.O. Box 1828
2156 Randpark Ridge
South Africa
Tel: 27117941357
Contact: Dimitri Paidas