Graco Inc.

Graco Merkur™ Bellows make airplane painting a success for Minsk Aircraft



For a long time, the Minsk Aircraft repair plant only concentrated on the internal repair of aircraft. Painting was secondary to their business. However, a short while ago, they decided to change this situation and split the businesses, making painting of airplanes a priority. To make this business a success, they needed new, modern, safe and high-quality equipment. They asked Graco’s distributor in Minsk, Europroject, to advise equipment which corresponded to all these needs.


The company Europroject offered Graco’s new “bellows” technology using air-assisted electrostatic guns. They selected 4 Merkur™ Bellows and connected 8 air-assisted ES guns to them. The “bellows” technology was chosen as it is a closed system, with less maintenance, and durability components, which is very important for the plant.


After the first tests, Minsk Aircraft employees from the plant noticed:

  • Less paint fog around the airplane
  • Improved quality of painted surface
  • A decrease in the quantity of used material
  • Low noise from working pumps

As a result, Minsk Aircraft received new opportunities in aircraft painting, with high-quality world standards.


Minskiy Aviaremontniy Zavod

Industry Market Sector:

Electrostatic painting

Material Specifications:
AkzoNobel Aerospace

Typical Properties:
2K material
Viscosity – 15 sec

Graco Equipment:
Merkur Bellows with ES guns

G35B29 – Merkur Bellows Sprayer, 35:1,100, Cart – 4 pcs
244573 – Pro XS4 spray gun, Smart, 85 KV, AA GG3 – 8pcs
24B187 – Kit, 2 gun option – 4 pcs
244967 – Coupled hose, cond, air, 15M – 16 pcs
GG3513 – Spray tip – 8 pcs

Graco Distributor:
Minsk, per Fizkulturnyi, 22 (Liter K1 / K)