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Large diesel engines meet VOC coating requirements



MTU Friedrichshafen, Germany, manufactures diesel engines and complete propulsion systems for ships, heavy-duty land and rail vehicles, industrial applications and decentralized power plants. The most modern and technically innovative engine of its class has a performance of 9.000 kW! These engines have to be coated with a wide variety of materials. 2-component solvents and 2-component waterborne PUR and epoxy materials are used in many colours, depending on the customer.

Since 2007, MTU has been using Graco 2-component ProMix™ Easy and ProMix II equipment. Thanks to this, MTU employees have a lot of experience with handling 2-component (2K) materials and their application with 2K dosing units. Before 2007, a circulation line and pressure pot was used.


In the second half of 2011, two new Graco ProMix™ 2KE units were installed and put into service. Two spray guns are in use on part of the 2K units. Every 2K installation has gun flush boxes. Thanks to this configuration, a much faster colour change is possible with a reduced use of flushing solvents. The Graco distributor, MK Stadelmaier GmbH, was able to achieve an optimal result by optimizing the configuration for MTU.


Through the use of 2K waterborne materials and Graco 2K technology, the VOC rate was significantly reduced! The simple, user-friendly operation and precise control of the mix ratio and the pot-life guarantee a high security during the painting process. Simultaneous improvements in quality, paint and flushing solvent savings, as well as the minimization of the set-up time completed the success of the system in the paint shop.


MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH

Industry Market Sector
Engine and system engineering

Air spray system 1,5 mm tip
Fluid pressure 3-5 bar
Air pressure 3-5 bar

Material Specifications
Different paint manufacturers

Typical Properties
Different materials with properties such as good adhesion, corrosion protection and heat and chemical resistance

Graco Equipment
2K ProMix Easy, ProMix II, ProMix 2KE, Monark™ 5:1, pressure tanks

2K equipment, part of which use suction tubes and part use a Monark 5:1 for material supply.
Part of the 2K units has 2 guns installed which are used separately.

Graco Distributor Details
MK Stadelmaier GmbH