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Increasing efficiency with ProMix 2KE


Hannex is a subcontractor specialized in the production of white goods in the automotive industry. Their major activity is the painting of plastics, interior elements for cars, and plastic elements of white goods. Hannex uses different paints and coatings, depending on the customer’s request. Before being in contact with Graco, they used standard pre-mixing process of products and cup guns, one per application or type of coating. Paints were applied in a spray booth in typical conditions with regard to temperature, humidity, etc. Approximately 2kg of paint was used per hour.

Hannex was looking for a method to upgrade their painting system, to increase efficiency, as well as to reduce the number of quality issues and general cost of production.


Based on presentations and discussions, a local Graco distributor offered a customized version of paint installation based on the ProMix 2KE unit adapted for 2 colours and 2 hardeners. Resins are fed to the 2K unit through Triton 1:1 pumps and hardeners from specially equipped pressure pots. The application is upgraded from a manual to an automatic process, one with the use of AirPro EFX guns. In addition, a Husky membrane pump is used for flushing the installation.


Hannex discovered that after introducing the new system, they achieved all required targets:

  • The number of wrongly painted elements was reduced by 3%
  • Work efficiency increased by 25 to 30%
  • General production cost was reduced by 10-15%


Firma Lakiernicza Hannex

Industry Market Sector
Plastic painting, subcontractor

Painting of plastic elements for the car industry and white goods

Material Specifications
SB paints, different brands depending on the customer’s request

GRACO Equipment
ProMix 2KE pump-based

24F081 ProMix 2KE Meter version
2 x 233776 Triton 1:1, 1 x D11021
Husky 205, 3 x AirPro EFX auto guns

GRACO Distributor
Arkus Jacek Kowalczyk, Poland