Graco Inc.

Electric Circulation Pumps Save Energy Costs

E-Flo DC

In 2012, Graco’s E-Flo DC, dual control circulation pump, was tested at Plastal in Gothenburg, Sweden. Plastal is a leading supplier of engineered plastics to the automotive industry; they manufacture and surface-treat interior and exterior plastic components.

Their office in Gothenburg has a production time of 16 hours a day/ 5 days a week, provided by 215 employees. Injection molding, painting and assembly are carried out for car bumpers, as well as spoilers and trim moldings. With a product quantity of 200K front and 200K back bumpers a year, they are highly sufficient and a good production line is essential. A 1K solvent-borne base coat (in 22 colours) and 2K is used on 22 Paint Circulation lines. The installed pumps are 33 Graco President 3:1 pumps and 7 Graco Viscount 1 pumps.

For the test, the local Graco distributor, Trilack Finishing ab, used the new E-Flo DC dual control circulation pump (2HP, 1000cc lower) to circulate the base coat, replacing the President 3:1. The running mode was a continuous flow mode with BPR, using Beckers-Acroma base-coated paint, a 1K solvent-borne metallic paint. The running time of the E-Flo DC was 24 hours a day for 7 days a week with one shift in sleep mode. The flow rate was 6 l/min (10 sec/cycle = 6 cycles/min x 1000cc) and a fluid pressure of 6.5 bar at the pump, 6 bar at the BPR. The duration of the test was over 8 months, with running pumps of 2.070.000 cycles (24hrs/day, 7 days/week) without any issues.

In conclusion, the first energy calculations showed energy savings of minimum 4000 euros a year per pump! We are expecting a decrease of 50% to 60% of maintenance costs vs. the use of pneumatic motors.

Graco’s E-Flo DC circulation pump is easy to install and operate, very reliable, with an excellent and quiet performance.