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Less noise, less costs, more benefits

Exchanging pneumatic for electric motors

An industrial plant for small Iveco trucks in Madrid manufactures Tracker, Stralis Hi Way and some military vehicles. The total production is around 30.000 units per year and each of these are painted with BASF solvent-borne paint. However, they urgently needed to renew their paint circulation line pumps, but only had a limited budget.

Change to electric pumps

The local Graco distributor, Acatec, proposed to exchange the original pneumatic pump motors for electric ones. This would avoid Iveco having to invest in the replacement of the complete pumps. And this was exactly what Iveco had in mind. Seven of the original pneumatic pump motors were replaced by Graco E-Flo DC 2 HP electric motors.

Energy savings

This cost effective investment fitted perfectly in Iveco’s budget, but the motor exchange also provided excellent energy savings and made the installation more efficient. The return on investment will take about three years as energy costs are very low. The new pumps are easy to operate and local sound levels have been reduced dramatically. The feature that Iveco likes best with the exchange is that they can continue using their own PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which is now connected to the Graco E-Flo DC pumps.