Graco Inc.

Painting metallic tanks for trucks


Cisternas Cobo is a company in Northern Spain that manufactures different kinds of metallic tanks for trucks. The painting of these big metallic tanks takes place in special tailor-made booths. Conventional air spray guns are used to paint the tanks, however these cause too much overspray and paint waste. 

To solve their waste problems, Graco’s local distributor Ochoa Maquinaria suggested a Graco Pro Xp manual electrostatic air spray gun. The model proposed was Graco’s Pro XP Booster gun of 40 Kv because its size was close to the traditional guns that the painters were used to.

Tests made with the Pro XP Booster gun were very successful. Cistemas Cobo was very satisfied with the result which convinced them to purchase 6 air spray guns and 3 Triton pumps to feed the guns.

Higher productivity with electrostatic guns 

Compared to traditional guns, the big difference with these new guns is their speed and productivity. The new guns paint faster and have high material and solvent savings. Not to forget less overspray, making a healthier environment for the employee. 

With an electrostatic gun, the material is “attracted” by the piece that needs to be painted. This way, you paint the surface a lot faster and you only need to spray a finishing coat afterwards.


40% less time, 35% less material 

The result was very satisfactory; Cistemas Cobo now uses 35% less material, and 40% less time! The perceived quality of the finished product also improved and overspray dramatically reduced.