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LAG found the right equipment for their needs

Painting trailers: ideal for zinc primer

LAG is an international company based in Bree, Belgium. Part of the Chinese holding group CIMC, LAG Trailers has a workforce of 430 and manufactures fuel trailers, tankers, silo trailers and platform trailers, mainly for the Benelux but also for Scandinavia, UK, Germany and Poland.

High costs due to manual dosing and mixing

Although they were already using 2K equipment, they were still dosing and mixing their plural component materials manually. For the zinc primer in particular, this was leading to unacceptably high costs in terms of labor, solvent and waste material, as well as a very negative environmental impact. And when their outdated 2K unit broke-down, LAG decided to move over to full electronic plural component mixing and dosing.

Before doing so, they conducted a benchmark test between Graco ProMix 2KE and two competitive proportioning systems. The initial challenge was to find the right system for a new PPG zinc primer. In a second phase it was to optimize the mixing of the top coats used by LAG.

Finding the right proportioning system

All three pieces of equipment were tested for one week in full production, and the best result was achieved by Graco ProMix 2KE. In particular, its constantly controlled mix ratio proved superior. Moreover, in combination with a Coriolis meter, ProMix 2KE was the only one of the three that could provide high accuracy and precise mixing of zinc primer. Since then the ProMix 2KE has proved cost-efficient, with an excellent Return on Investment.

LAG Trailers currently uses ProMix 2KE with a Coriolis meter and Graco Xtreme pumps for the zinc primer, and two ProMix 2KE units with Triton pumps for the top coatings.