Graco Inc.

A lube truck for extreme winter conditions


Anticor Composite is a Graco distributor in St. Petersburg, Russia. They designed a general lube truck resistant to extreme winter conditions. The truck was tested in the Russian mining industry at temperatures of up to -50°C.

Servicing all types of mining machinery in the field

The Anticor Composite lube trucks are designed and manufactured to dispense all kinds of lubrication fluids, such as clean oil, grease and used oil. The lube trucks service all types of mining machinery in the field, such as CAT, Komatsu and Belaz dump trucks.  The truck body can be mounted on KAMAZ or URAL chassis as a standard offering, or other chassis depending on customer preferences.

The Anticor Composite lube trucks are equipped with all the necessary components to do the job properly and continuously. This includes Graco air-operated pumps for oils, greases and used oil, as well as Graco hose reels, Graco high-flow meters (up to 53 l/min for oils), an air compressor and heaters, etc.  An option to include Graco hydraulic-operated pumps is also available.

Specially designed to keep the cold out

The truck body is covered by galvanized steel with a white polymeric cover. The inside walls are made of rolled plastic and fiber-reinforced polymer. The floor is made of heavy-duty steel sheets.  This ensures protection from mechanical damages. To use the lube truck in extreme winter conditions, the walls of the truck bodies are covered with panels reinforced with waterproof plywood. Special heaters are used to keep the truck warm inside, so the pneumatic pumps can run. These features keep the lube trucks running in the harsh mining conditions in the north.